Upholstery And Carpet Cleaning

If you need a carpet & upholstery cleaning service we can help you. PEGAIL carries out domestic and commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning. At PEGAIL, we know that Upholstery and Carpet cleaning requires great care to accomplish the quality of results our clients expect. Our team take a great deal of care of your assets and a pride in the completed cleaning process. Although upholstery cleaning takes some time we are sure that you will be delighted with the results by the time we’re done. All cleaning is carried out using the latest hot water extraction equipment and methods as recommended by all the leading carpet and upholstery manufacturers.


With increase in fashion and globalisation this days there’re vast array of upholstery fabrics on offer with an even wider range of colours and material used. It is therefore extremely important that the correct tests are carried out before cleaning to make sure all colours are colourfast and all materials are safe to wet clean using the hot water extraction techniques. This is done so we can give an honest assessment of how well we think the upholstery will clean.


Before we engage the carpet clean we liaise with our client to find out if there are any main areas of concern i.e. badly stained or marked areas. We then test the carpets to make sure they are safe to clean. We do this by carrying out a colour fast and shrinkage test. Provided all the tests are passed we then proceed with the cleaning process. Drying times do vary, but on average it takes 2-4 hours. You can however walk on the carpet straight away once the cleaning is completed and advice to do so by our team.