Security Guards

PEGAIL is specialised in supplying trained security guards to protect and prevent any form of crime to your property, assets and people. Our security guards carry out foot patrol and vehicle patrol. All PEGAIL guards are well trained to operate emergency equipment, perform first aid, CPR, take accurate notes, write detailed reports and carry our other tasks as required by the client they are serving. At PEGAIL, we provide both armed and unarmed security services aimed to deliver top-notch security to our clients at a price they can live with.

Depending on what your budget is and what you are looking for, we have several plans.  We offer permanent as well as temporary security guards. You can hire our security guards to work for you on full time or part time basis. We also have you covered for all your special event security needs.

About Our Security Personnel

We treat our security personnel with dignity and respect. Our security guards are handpicked and have a thorough background check. Once they’ve passed our strict assessments, they receive additional training before they are deployed to our valued clients. Our authorised and trained security guards are mentally competent and of good moral character.

As for our armed security guards, they deter crime. If the criminal is armed, this puts the guard on an even playing field with the criminal. Our armed security guards have undergone specialised training for handling, safety and maintenance of firearms. They are highly motivated, reliable, trustworthy and capable of thinking quickly under pressure.

As a security management organisation whose only interest is your security, our service does not give a negative image to your business or residence. We strive to make your business or neighbourhood appear to be safe, you can rest assured that we are here to cater for all your security needs.

You do not need to bother about liability insurance or hiring an off-duty police officer. PEGAIL is your one-stop security service provider for qualified armed and unarmed security guards. Your business is important to us, you can relax as we take absolute care of your security.  In order to deliver beyond our clients’ expectations, we also inspect your premises and recommend solutions on how to improve safety and stop crimes against your property such as; fitting alarm systems, door locks, and other safety equipment.  As a result of our services, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced insurance premium from your insurance provider.