Roof Top Cleaning

PEGAIL delivers an outstanding roof top cleaning services, we clean your roof tiles or asbestos by getting rid of the moss as well as the lichens from your top roof. We are the specialists when it comes to getting rid of those awful black streaks that are ruining your roof look. We give your roof another magnificent look within hours.

Our services cover providing you with water resistant coating that stops moss and lichens from regrowing, this will also give your aged roof an incredible make over just at a cut of what it might have cost you to replace the roof. That’s why our roof top cleaning services are referred to as cost-effective and remarkable home remodelling by our existing clients.

Ensuring your roof is clean and in good condition is just as crucial as other house cleaning routine we exercise day in day out. Hiring us to clean your roof top will certainly protect your roof as well as save you a huge amount of cash in the long run.

PEGAIL is fully authorised and registered roof top cleaning service provider. We are dedicated to carrying out top-notch services. We are so confident of our high standards and ability to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations.

We provides risk-free roof cleaning services. Our roof top cleaning services are carried out by trained and qualified personnel; we do not sub-contract any of our services and we make use of approved chemical solution to completely clean roofs with no damage to the roof. Our services can be described as the ideal and affordable option for re-roofing.

We save you hassle and time with our no commitment consultation and quote you can get from one of our professional customer service personnel. It is quick, effortless and cost-free. Call us today for a complimentary, timely and hassle-free estimate.