General House Cleaning

Whether you need house moving cleaning or a full house cleaning prior to moving in to a new home, PEGAIL has the expertise to ensure your property gets a thorough cleaning everywhere. Our extensive flexible hours, including weekends which allow us to tackle any property no matter how dirty or large, we’re always ready

As a health friendly organisation we value the wellbeing of you and your family hence the reason why we use the latest cleaning equipment, and the most environmentally friendly chemicals and methods to perform a variety of fully guaranteed house cleaning services:


  • Dust/wipe of windows (if accessible), window grilles and doors
  • Wash/scrub floor with approved disinfectant
  • Wipe kitchen walls
  • Dust/wipe cabinet surfaces & interior (if empty)
  • Dispose waste bin litter

Living Room & Bedrooms


  • Clean and disinfect basin, toilet bowl and bathtubs with approved disinfectant
  • Wash/scrub floor and walls
  • Clean polish all mirrors
  • Dispose waste bin litter