Fumigation And Pest Control

PEGAIL approach to fumigating and pest control employs trained technicians and management, and uses safe and effective material and equipment. We are ready to tackle all your pest problems or help prevent problems occurring in the first place. All year round, whether it’s warm weather insect plagues, winter rodent invasions, or the nocturnal activities of cockroaches, we will protect you from a wide range of species.

Our Fumigation Services Include

Containers Buses Antiques
Timber Pallets Books Plywood

Total Termite Management

Spare yourself the heartache of seeing your dream house being eaten away. Using high-tech termite tracking devices, our trained technicians can detect even as little as three termites in walls, roofs, and pillars of your homes. Looking to purchase a property? We can inspect and certify the property as being termite-free to guarantee a safe investment

General Pest Management

Bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, snakes, and fleas are not only unwelcome guests; they are also disease carriers causing serious health hazards. Using a combination of methods and devices, we will completely eradicate these pests from the source, to include eggs and hatchlings. Our inspection can go beyond your own homes to include the neighbourhood so we can be sure that these nasty pests are completely terminated.