Floor Treatments

Deciding to change the look of floors around the home can involve as much or as little money as is available for a great result. From highly polished concrete floors stained to look like marble, to the humble linoleum floor tile, designs and quality are much improved these days and the variations on all themes grows all the time. Be it wooden or tiles polished floors will inevitably degrade over a period of time dependant on volume of traffic. Use of a proprietary floor maintainer as part of the normal routine cleaning cycle will help to prolong a high lustre. However, from time to time, it will be necessary to strip and reseal (polish) your hard floors. This specialised service can be arranged on a frequency basis that best meets your home and organisation’s requirements, by PEGAIL

In addition to ongoing polishing of your hard floor surfaces so that they continue to shine, we also restore tired and faded hard floor surfaces to their original finish.

Treatment Description

Ceramic Mosaic Cork
Stone Porcelain Perspex
Leather Granite Fired Earth

Sanded Floors Give New Life To Old Floorboards:

No matter how old a wooden floor, sanding will bring out the hidden grain and once varnished or stained the colour of the wood will be rich and warm.

Polished Concrete Gives A Stunning Finish To Floors:

A concrete floor covering can be polished to as high a shine as that of tumbled stones, and looks spectacular in the right setting. Polished concrete hallways look dramatic and a bathroom can look luxurious and elegant even if the floor area is small.

Microscopic Etching:

This treatment microscopically etches an invisible tread into the surface. These treads prevent the sole of a shoe or foot from slipping and sliding; thereby creating a non-slip surface. In most cases, there will be little or no gloss reduction or color change Slip-resistance exceeds ASTM requirements.