CCTV Monitoring

Is shoplifting and staff harassment bothering you? Scared to leave your car in a parking lot in case it gets vandalised? Come to think of it, it’s all very well sitting at home or in your office, looking at a monitor and seeing what’s going on. But what if you’re not there? Or too busy to observe what is going on? How can you see what’s happening to the premises/investment you’re trying to protect? You are not alone. PEGAIL is here with the right security solution. We have a CCTV solution for every commercial, industrial, public sector and domestic sites.

Our CCTV services are not only a proven deterrent against crime, they also provide valuable evidence when required. We believe that our CCTV monitoring services will help protect your home or business. As an independent security organisation, we’re able to develop expertise beyond the range of experiences usually associated with in-house security operations.

Services Include:

  • Digital CCTV Installation
  • Domestic CCTV Monitoring
  • Commercial CCTV Monitoring
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring
  • On-Site CCTV Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Security Applications
  • Movement Detectors
  • CCTV Maintenance

Remote CCTV Monitoring

PEGAIL provides 24-hour remote monitoring. Our dedicated control room personnel responses immediately to any sign of intrusion with technology solution such as remote voice-over warning systems to stop crime from happening.
On-Site CCTV Monitoring

Alternatively, we also offer on-site management and monitoring services including mobile patrols. PEGAIL will set up effective and reliable monitoring response units at your premise in order to control all level accesses to the site. The physical presence of our skilled and trained staff is aimed to improve security and boost safety and secure your property against break-in, vandalism and all other kinds of criminal activity.

Benefit To Out Client

At PEGAIL, we make it our responsibility to make every effort to ensure premises and properties are protected in an appropriate and effective fashion against a variety of natural and man-made threats;

Preventing, detecting and reacting appropriately to the commission of criminal and quasi-criminal actions on or against the property of the client;

The obligation to perform these duties in a way that enables the client to have confidence that they will not lose business or have to pay a substantial civil claim because of the conduct of security services.