About Us

PEGAIL has been on the cutting edge of the cleaning industry since 2008, and has been able to expand in business with each and every client because of our proactive approach to the resolution of issues that would ordinarily impinge on productivity and efficiency.

Why choose PEGAIL as your number one janitorial servicing company?

PEGAIL has identified the following as benefits of utilising our services and industrial expertise:

  • We customise a cost effective cleaning program that addresses every facilities specific needs. Our on-site staffs and management team have experience in staffing similar jobs and are familiar with the service area.
  • PEGAIL is an integrated part of every client’s organisation, which means; your goals become our goal! We provide cleaning services as a client’s representative. Because of our proactive approach, your facility will receive additional services as a result of our frequent quality inspections and immediate response to your cleaning requests.
  •  Our Clients’ will benefit from our state of the art technology equipment, also with our well trained and qualified cleaners who understand the different organisational culture and work in a friendly manner.

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our clients.